Begin Your Gap Year Application

Application to the Tribal Gap Year program is a carefully considered personal process.  The nature of the program provides many opportunities  and challenges, and it is essential that we develop an authentic relationship with both the parents and students during the application process -- together, we come to know one another and develop mutual trust and friendship before the trip even begins. 

The process begins with the form below -- fill it out to let us know you are ready to apply to the Gap Year program.  From there, we will get in touch to schedule our first conversation, and send along the documents for the following steps: 

  1. Complete and submit the full application (we will send this in a separate email after receiving this form)

  2. Submit three reference email contacts (two teachers, one community member)

  3. Complete the Student Essay Questions

  4. Complete an interview via Skype or in person

  5. Once accepted, a non-refundable deposit is required

The Gap Year Application begins here . . . . 

Student Name *
Student Name
Student Brithdate
Student Brithdate
Student Phone
Student Phone
Have you graduated high school? Are you working or going to college? Tell us about your past year and recent school/work history.
Have you travelled outside of the country? Tell us your thoughts on how travel can provide a transformative experience.
What appeals to you about this program, and why do you feel this might be the Gap Year experince for you?