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Family Adventure to Ecuador


Collaboration, Connection, Community

Gogi Abroad and Nahual are happy to offer Family-Sustainable-Adventure trip to Ecuador. We envision these trips as an opportunity for families looking to travel, create community and learn local and sustainable practice while partaking in adventure sports that are accessible to the whole family.

Envision yourself waking up in an Andean valley, the towering green hills shrouded in mist. The rest of your family sleep soundly inside the tent while you step outside into a tranquil Andean morning. Already the smell of a hearty breakfast of homemade granola, yogurt, fresh bread, and coffee steers you towards the ‘kitchen’. Here, a ménage of parked bikes, fellow travelers, guides and children oiling chains welcomes you.

Imagine traveling by bike from village to village with your family, in the care of local, English speaking guides who are dedicated to sustainable practices and outdoor education. You have found yourself on a Gogi Abroad Family Bike Packing trip.

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Gogi Abroad teams up with Nahual Expeditions ( to create a family-friendly biking adventure.  Set right on the equator, with the Amazonian basin on the east side, the Pacific ocean on the west and the high Andes splitting the two from South to North, Ecuador has a very unique setting, with many different ecosystems and cultures on a very small area.

Traveling by mountain bike, exploring the towns and the mountain wilderness, laying down under the stars surrounded by volcanoes is the most spectacular way of getting to know this beautiful country.  With a day of farm work preparations to process, pack and dehydrate food as well as organize gear and fit bikes, we will be on our way as we travel through the Andean plateau. Our stops and itinerary will entertain both adults and little ones. Traveling the dirt and cobblestone roads, through paths and trails, we will take in what most tourists to this verdant land miss.

Our vision is that these trips will be an opportunity for families looking to travel, create community and learn local and sustainable practices, all while partaking in adventure sports that are accessible to the whole family. Nahual has a sturdy fleet of mountain bikes with all the bike-packing gear necessary for adults. Many of the frame bags, handlebar bags and saddlebags are custom made at the farm using the best materials. Trailers and youth bikes can be brought with you or rented here in Ecuador.

The trip starts at Mariscal International  airport of Quito at 2pm on June 19. The final day ends at 12pm on the 27th day. Families will fly into Quito, Ecuador and be picked up by Nahual staff and head to Palugo. If you wish to stay longer in Ecuador or arrive to Quito early we will help arrange transportation for an extra fee.


Palugo farm is a Permaculture organic farm that operates adventure trips as an integral part of a healthy life. Most of the food consumed while on the farm and on expeditions will be organic and local.

  • Active itinerary: From working on the farm in Palugo, to biking to an indigenous village, this adventure gets families outside to experience the best of the Andes. These activities are organized to match kids' abilities.

  • Educational highlights: This family adventure provides an educational experience with cultural insights about Ecuador, culture, Spanish, traditional crafts and a new environment.

  • Designed for families: This itinerary is designed from start to finish to cater to families. We make every attempt to provide organic and delicious meals that kids will love as well as adults. We also provide the opportunity to cook as a community and get involved in the process.

  • Trip Leaders: Nahual offers expertise in guiding, teaching and our infrastructure at Palugo farm as a basecamp. Nahual can offer most of the equipment for the trips, including bikes, bikepacking gear.

  • The farm is a friendly and educational place for young children and adults. Children will learn about the landscape, geography, plants, animals and see firsthand the volcano, Cotopaxi, in the distance from where we will sleep. This is the perfect trip for families that have always wanted to travel to South America and enjoy the outdoors and a biking adventure. The bike riding will be tailored to the group and provide cultural enjoyment and a sense of great accomplishment for everyone.

Prices (per person):  

Includes all meals, transportation, adult bikes and gear, and activities

$1, 500 per adult

$1,000 per kid

Note:  1:1 child: adult ratio for children 10 years and younger.

If only 1 parent with children 10 years and older, recommended 1:2 ratio


Family-Sustainable-Adventure package includes:  

  • Arrival meet and greet transfer at Quito airport at or by 2pm,  and departure transfer back to Quito at 12 pm at the conclusion of the 9 day trip;

  • All ground transportation in Ecuador, via van, bus or trucks;  

  • Guides to help translate and guide you throughout the trip;

  • Nine nights accommodations in Ecuador as indicated. Three delicious meals each day with traditional teas, juices and water.

  • All sightseeing and crafts while we traveling in Ecuador;

  • Bikes for adults: Specialized Hardrock w/ disc brakes and front suspension. Available on 26” and 29” inch wheels, and they will be outfitted with bikepacking gear. Bikepacking gear includes: Homemade frame bags, handlebar bags and saddlebags. They allow for minimalist packing. Lightweight gear is a must.

Not included: Airfare (around $500- $700);  International travel insurance, beverages not listed as included, tips, and souvenirs. We will stop off at a large and colorful Ecuadorian market in Otavalo and lunch in Otavalo on day 7, is not included. Families can take time to shop and eat at their pace. You will need to bring  your child’s bike and their helmet. Children’s trailers are NOT included. We will provide more information about how to pack your child’s bike for the plane. It is pretty simple and common. Contact airline to see the fees for transporting your child’s bike.