Gogi Abroad presents a unique opportunity to meet new people, and to explore the world in an immersive and growth inducing environment. The program incites passion and beauty and warmth. It makes you want to love, and to be loved, and to live and conquer. Gogi Abroad will be an experience of brightness and growth for all who choose to embark. – Pallavi, Oak Meadow Student




“We cannot say enough about Liz Jackson and the amazing trip she led to Cadiz! Abby had the experience of a lifetime!” ~Wendy Brannan, parent

p1060666I gained the confidence to travel independently to a place I may have never experienced otherwise. I learned to work as a team and acclimate to different conditions like washing dishes in the dark and cold. I learned to immerse into a group of people I didn’t yet know and adapt to a different home language that I also didn’t know. I loved being introduced to a new culture, previously unfamiliar with. It was great experiencing a welcoming, peaceful, friendly and safe place for the program. I appreciated meeting wonderful new friends and sharing my own knowledge as well. I am grateful to have visited Machu Picchu because it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World.- Hannah, Oak Meadow Student

p1060625My daughter Gracie had the best summer experience with Gogi abroad. Everything was exceptional on this trip from the homestay to the language school. Liz Jackson was the leader of this amazing trip for mostly middle school age children. They had excursions around Cadiz that were fun and adventurous. I will send my daughter again! -Anita, parent


“I know that this experience has changed me in ways that I didn’t know a place held the power to do.”-Libby, studentimg_3014

Liz and Marcela’s knowledge of South American culture history and geography were rich, deep and yet broad enough to capture each of the young travelers interests. Liz and Marcela’s ability to relate positively to the students during all aspects of this travel experience made this the most amazing service learning adventure/trip of my educational career. — Steven Lorenz, School Liaison, Oak Meadow Independent Learning

The day before we went to Spain I really didn’t know what to expect I knew it was going to be and exiting trip but I was also very nervous. Once we got there I was so happy to be experiencing this adventure. I loved all the amazing things we did on the trip, like going surfing and hiking up a sand dune In Balonia and soaking up the Spanish culture. The family who hosted me was so nice and they treated me like family (not to mention the amazing food that they made). Even though during the trip I did get nervous sometimes and didn’t know what to expect I don’t regret it I had such a good time. -Ivy Dall (14 years old)P1050785

If I had gone to Peru with a tourist group, I never would have had the chance to immerse myself in the Peruvian culture. I was able to experience how the people thought, how they felt, and how they acted, and I was able to interact with them,rather than simply watching them from a distance, and observing. I didn’t want to go to Peru just so I could take pictures of their monuments and take home some of their finely woven alpaca wool. I wanted more than that. I wanted to become part of the country and the culture and the people. Gogi Abroad certainly made this possible. – Pallavi, Oak Meadow Student

It started at the age of sixteen with a school trip to Cadiz, Spain with family friend and Spanish teacher, Liz Jackson. That trip changed my life. It took hold of me and has been the driving force in my life for the past 8 years. My longing to travel, see the world, know its people and experience its cultures has only brought upon me optimism. It has expanded me, helped me to see the good in the world and appreciate where I came from.”    ~Sam Stickney, student traveler

During my time abroad, I think I really learned to appreciate and to be grateful. This program presented me with a wonderful opportunity. Traveling to Peru by myself wouldn’t have been an option, had I wanted to go. Visiting a country with a much higher poverty rate also put my life at home into perspective. Everything I experience, everything I am given, every moment I am alive, is worth something. It is easy to forget that I can drink water from the tap because of my position in life. Something like that seems so commonplace to me, and I take it for granted. After experiencing Peru, I have had the chance to reevaluate all the little things that exist in my life. – Pallavi, Oak Meadow StudentIMG_3430