Mathias Dammer

quilotoa-1890Mathias Dammer, Trip Leader

Mathias Dammer was born and raised on his family farm in the Ecuadorian Andes. He is a free spirit, always eager to explore the mountains by bike or foot. Mathias is an accomplished climber, mountain guide, white water paddler, organic farmer and a father by heart.



Mathias is cofounder of Nahual Expediciones, a family owned outdoomathias photor education school that teaches young people about sustainable living and outdoor activities.

Growing up on the countryside and attending school in Quito gave Mathias a broad perspective on different cultures and realities of the mountain people of Ecuador. He has had a strong desire to establish a connection between these two worlds. This connection drove him to work with indigenous communities in Ecuador from a very young age. He believes that it is the understanding of these different worlds what makes a difference in the world.

His love for climbing mountains and other adventures sports took him to Canada to study Adventure Tourism and Outdoor Education (Canadian Tourism College and Thomson River University, Canada). He has taught and worked with Kroka Expeditions (New Hampshire) for many years, leading a variety of educational trips with students from Waldorf, Montessori and public education schools, acquiring a broad perspective of different educational philosophies which he studies in his personal time.

Mathias lives with his partner Nicole and their daughter Ayra in their newly built home on Palugo Farm.tulipe-3479