Thomas Dammer

Thomas Dammer, Trip Leader

unnamedThomas was born and raised on a dairy farm in the Andes outside of Quito, Ecuador. He graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering from San Francisco University in Quito. Thomas has always possessed a great respect and appreciation for nature, which has brought him to many places. As Thomas’s enthusiasm grew, and he ventured deeper into his wilderness adventures, he discovered a passion for paddling, climbing, hiking and biking. From a young age Thomas has enjoyed working with horses. He is intrigued by water and his love for nature and water has drawn him to learn as well as lead many white water paddling trips and backcountry horseback riding adventures. Thomas is a seasoned teacher and has the natural ability to connect with students and adults alike with compassion, enthusiasm and kindness. He has worked with teenagers from the U.S. for over 10 years. He has lead outdoor programs for Kroka and Outward Bound courses in both Ecuador and the U.S.

He now lives in Ecuador in his handmade house with his wife and two daughters Naya and Nina. Thomas enjoys working with Gogi adults and students and teaching them about a new culture and landscapes.