Since 1979, the GrandyOats family has handcrafted small batches of organic granola, muesli, trail mix, roasted nuts and hot cereals in Maine. They offer some gluten-free granolas, too! The bakery is %100 solar powered. With the mission of sourcing the most wholesome organic ingredients, GrandyOats partners with local, organic, and non-GMO producers to create the taste that nature intended. REAL GRANOLAS Nat Peirce and Aaron Anker lead a team of 25 with three simple mantras: live life organically, love the path you travel and keep it real! GOGI loves to eat well on our trips! Thank you!OUR PARTNERS


NAHUAL EXPEDICIONES : Their Mission is to re-enforce the connection between the human being and his/her environment. This connection allows them to make appropriate decisions about the future and the coming generations, so that humans may once again coexist in harmony with our planet earth.

OAK MEADOW:  Oak Meadow provides a flexible, progressive education for independent learners. Oak Meadow was founded by a group of parents and teachers seeking to reignite their children’s spark for learning. Believing that children are sensitive and intelligent and that learning can be joyfully integrated into life, their approach was progressive, compassionate, and child-centered. (Read more about Oak Meadow’s founder and  history.)

THE GRAMMAR SCHOOLThe Grammar School integrates high expectations for achievement, creativity, self-discipline, and social responsibility.  We cultivate in each student a lifelong enthusiasm for learning and a desire to contribute constructively to society. Our program provides students with an excellent academic, artistic, athletic, and ethical foundation.

FITBODY BOOTCAMP: Lisa Dumont is the owner at FitBody Bootcamp in Westminster, VT. Every year Lisa and her campers enjoy traveling to new places with Gogi Abroad! 

Q’EWAR PROJECT: The Q’ewar Project, a social work initiative begun in early 2002, is situated in the rural highlands of the Andes Mountains in Peru, South America.   By providing open, bright and comfortable workshops where the beautiful handcrafted dolls, doll clothing and other articles are created, Q’ewar has created an atmosphere which fosters self-esteem, personal growth and a way to gain economic independence through learning life skills in a community setting.

K2 internacionalCadiz is ideal for those wanting to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the Spaniards thanks to the fact that it’s not a crowded destination and retains the charm of an authentic Andalusian city destination.

MELOC Academy in Africa: MELOC Academy is going to be an Integrated Special Education School with three tracks: the deaf; the mentally impaired; and the regular kids as well as the visually impaired/the blind. 

SHERPA FOUNDATION in Nepal:   Sherpa Foundation’s mission is to provide humanitarian aid to Himalayan communities while preserving the dignity and integrity of Sherpa and Himalayan Culture. We are grateful to work with Sherpa Foundation with our Tribal Gap year program.   

HIMALAYAN FRIENDS TREKKING: Himalayan Friends Trekking works with our Tribal Gap year program. Himalayan Friends Trekking has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide and provide  an unforgettable experience in the Himalayas. They are professionally trained Sherpa guides and cooks have an intimate knowledge of the widely varied Nepalese land and cultures.  

WORKSPACE EDUCATION:  Workspace Education is dedicated to empowering families to create and support the ultimate education track for each of their children. Workspace Education provides a technology rich, state-of-the-art educational environment that allows children to reach their potential. Workspace Education is dedicated to finding resources, tutors, teachers and specialists that can support the learning of its member community.

SAPA O’CHAU: Sapa O’Chau runs on the same social enterprise principles on which it was founded: working hard and giving back to Sapa and all ethnic minorities. It is made up of four inter-connected pieces: the boarding facility, the café, the Hmong handicraft store and the tour operation.

In addition to the organizations listed below, Gogi Abroad designs trips for schools, with programs extending into South American, Africa, India, South East Asia, New Zealand and Europe. These programs are unforgettable, life-changing experiences for students. Gogi Abroad creates trips with purpose and provides students with meaningful ways to connect with other cultures. Gogi Abroad will organize all of the logistics of the trip, from airfare to packing lists. Gogi takes the lead on all of the details of our trip, but invites a teacher from your school to chaperone.  We support students, teachers, and families preparing for the trip.