Tanzania Students


 Language, Culture and Culinary Arts 

July 22nd – August 5th 


Community Projects connects students with the culture and community by working with others, and by being fully involved in a local project.

Cooking and eating involve participating in a local ritual, and sometimes it is a sacred event.  Most importantly cooking together and eating a meal is a shared human need. Culinary Arts may truly be the best way to fully understand a culture. Eating is about immersing yourself in the local culture and their cuisine. 

Language is the primary bridge for students to connect with and learn a new perspective from the Maasai.  

Go Outward and discover firsthand about the Maasai people, traditions, language and culture! This trip is unique because one of our Gogi Abroad leaders, Leyeyo, was born in Longido.  Leyeyo is Maasai but has grown up in Vermont. He travels home to Longido each year so he may take part in tribal rituals, care for his family and visit with friends. Tanzania welcomes Gogi Abroad with its beautiful zebras, giraffes, lions, Maasai warriors and the astounding Mount Kilimanjaro. Students will work side-by-side with the Maasai people, getting their hands dirty by building a school, gathering water and milking goats. During a weekend excursion students will experience the raw beauty of Tanzania as we embark on a safari adventure, and live with a tribe at their boma. By continuing to go Outwards we then discover the waterfalls near Mt. Kilimanjaro and experience sustainable practices of farming in the area.

PRICE: Sign up before APRIL 1st~ $2,700 or $2,900 

AGES: High School and Gap Year  

IMG_95212016-03-25 11.24.22-2Includes:  

  • All accommodations. Students will be sharing a room and bathroom. As a group we will be staying together in town at a homestay.
  • Three meals each day, provided by Nancy Francis. Nancy owns La -Mamaa Cafe in town and her food is safe and delicious.
  • All  transportation in country and to/from the airport in Tanzania.
  • A weekend of living at a boma (village) near the famous Ngorongoro Crater, plus a weekend safari of exploring the ten-mile-wide Ngorongoro Crater!  
  • We will explore and be immersed into tribal living through volunteering with projects such as: working with school children, building a school in the mornings, and working with the Maasai women in the village at the beading cooperative in the afternoons.

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Does not include: Airfare (approx. $1,400 – $1,800), Tanzania visa ($100), mandatory international travel insurance (emergency medical and evacuation insurance can be purchased for  $75 – $150 through Travel Guard or Nomad Travel. Details will be provided with confirmation of deposit), personal expenses, and souvenirs.


Students will engage with a tribe and work together to become better citizens of the world!




Students will examine key questions as we become immersed in Maasai culture.





How are people of different cultures coming together to manage their resources sustainably?

How are communities brought together with farming and animal husbandry?

How are communities brought together with music, and in ritual?

photo-1During our stay in Africa students will have time to reflect and engage in an independent project to better understand their experience while living among a tribe.






Students will be working with and living alongside the Maasai people of Longido. Students will gain many hours volunteering on community-initiated projects; working closely with the women at the beading cooperative, volunteering to help build a school, cooking, gathering water, milking goats and shepherding. Students will have the opportunity to attend a ceremony of some kind (a wedding or a simple boma gathering of singing and dancing.) Students will live together at a homestay right in the middle of the town.
Gogi Abroad students will learn profoundly about the Maasai culture and costumes because one of our Gogi Abroad Guides is a native of Longido. Students will rise early and spend most of each day working at a school or with the women and become involved with a project. Late afternoons and evenings are usually devoted to group time and activities with your new Tanzanian friends: dances, soccer games, hikes, or dinner and gathering. 








Hands-On Learning with the Maasai: 

Language & Culture are always a part of GOGI ABROAD programs! We have found this to be the best way to become truly immersed within the culture and to feel fully connected to a place. By understanding the sounds of a new language we are offered another way of expressing ourselves, which allows us to function with greater ease in a new world.

Several days of our trip to Tanzania will be dedicated to working with the MELOC school in Longido. Projects will include the actual building of the school, curriculum development and working with the children directly on variety of different subjects. We will be working closely with local staff and participant families who will show us how to do the projects and use appropriate tools.  


p1100188                                                                  Meet the Gogi Leaders:

Liz Jackson, Director and Founder of Gogi Abroad

2016-03-24-16-20-12Gogi Abroad was founded by Liz Jackson, an experienced, passionate educator who has been teaching adolescents and leading international trips for over 10 years. Gogi Abroad is a small, dynamic organization with seasoned, enthusiastic leaders, who get to know each student and work closely with families to ensure a safe, inspiring experience. Liz Jackson holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University and brings fifteen years experience as an educator of both Spanish and Waldorf curriculum. She is a seasoned trip leader and an avid traveler. Her passion for travel and experiential learning is rooted in her own transformative experiences studying abroad as a teenager. She loves witnessing her students’ growing awareness of the world as they travel together. Liz brings both the compassion of a mother and the clarity and knowledge of an educator.

longido-15-005-quick-e-mail-view tanzania-13-412-quick-e-mail-view tanzania-2016-196-quick-e-mail-viewLeyeyo Kipamba, Leader of Tanzania

Leyeyo is a Maasai, born in Longido, Tanzania where he lived for the first eight years of his life. After two years of paperwork he moved to Vermont with two Americans who had been volunteering in his village. Of course, this was a big culture shock for him since the village had no running water, no electricity, and very few opportunities for school.

However, Leyeyo learned English quickly, attended The Grammar School and Vermont Academy, and played a lot of soccer. He also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last summer. Leyeyo currently attends Merrimack College where he is studying business with the idea of getting into the world of cultural tourism and continuing to help his village. He has returned to Africa almost every year and in 2013 he and several American friends built a new house for his mother. Leyeyo is still fluent in Kiswahili. He is very close to his Tanzanian friends and family and keeping them safe and healthy is important to him. Along with his mentor Steven Kiruswa, who is starting a school in the village, he is excited to be able to share his culture, his knowledge and his home with Gogi Abroad!

Gogi Abroad will meet the student group in New York City and travel with the group. Gogi Abroad will purchase group tickets. We will send out a packing list and important information prior to the trip. Students will fly into Kilimanjaro with Liz Jackson, Gogi Abroad Director and Leyeyo Kipamba, your Tanzanian Gogi Abroad leader. Longido is about 2 hours 30 minutes from Kilimanjaro. The closest city to Longido is Arusha which is around 45 minutes away. Arusha is a fertile area and is well suited to agricultural production. Other towns are close to many of the country’s wildlife parks, including the Serengeti Plains, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara, and Tarangire.