Spain Students 2018


  • Dates: June 16th  -June 30th
  • Ages: 13 years- 16 years
  • Price: $2,900
  • Sign up before January 15th, 2018:  $2,800 
  • 14 students maximum

Immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture this summer in Cadiz, the oldest city in Europe. Explore the cobblestone streets, friendly faces, and vibrant culture that Cadiz has to offer. In the afternoons, experience beautiful beaches and historical sites of the city and the region! Each afternoon will be filled with fun activities for teens (such as instruction in surfing, sea kayaking, Spanish cooking, sunset boat excursions, and tons of time exploring the many unspoiled beaches). We will travel to typical white Andalucían villages and soak-up all the sites and different foods of the region. You will greatly enhance your Spanish skills through real world interactions as you speak with locals, your host family and new friends.


Includes: All accommodations in Spain are included and each student will live with a welcoming host family. Two students will share a room and a bathroom. After ten days in Cadiz, we will be staying on the beach in bungalows. Students are provided with three traditional and delicious meals each day; all transportation within Spain; craft activities; guided tours of Roman ruins on the beaches; and an archaeological site in Cadiz; one week of Spanish classes at K2 Internacional School, three days of surfing lessons in El Palmar, and a Gogi leader to guide, support, educate and help translate throughout the trip.1796757-the-city-of-cadiz-in-andalusia-spain-spain-s-oldest-settlement

Does not include: Airfare to/from Spain ($800-$1,000); mandatory international travel insurance (emergency medical and evacuation insurance can be purchased for  $75 – $150 through Travel Guard or Nomad Travel. Details will be provided with confirmation of deposit).


At K2 International School you will not just be another student. You will receive personal attention due to the small class sizes (around 10 per class) with friendly teachers who create interesting, interactive classes. You will enjoy 3 hours of classroom Spanish, have the opportunity to utilize phrases and idioms in real-life situations and expand your knowledge in a comfortable setting. After class is the time you can really apply your Spanish. The classroom provides you with more confidence to go out into the world and use what you know!









Cadiz is a small city and perfect for this age group! It is a unique combination of an open port city with one of the oldest civilizations in Europe. There are few American students and many students from Europe. There is a thriving Spanish culture here. This is where Flamenco was born and has some of the cleanest beaches in Spain! Cadiz is a hidden jewel. WATCH A VIDEO:


Gogi meets Sara



Gogi Abroad meets Sara Baras right outside of K2 School! Who is Sara Baras?  Sara is an internationally famous female flamenco dancer, born in San Fernando, Cádiz, Spain.






Learn Spanish at K2 Internacional School: In the mornings from 9:00-1:00 during the week students will improve their language proficiency as they settle in with their host family and open up more and more in class. By living in Cadiz students have the opportunity to improve language skills, meet new friends, and learn about this historic European city in an engaging and meaningful way.

playas_26_rounded_720_266_10x10x0x0_cropedSurfing and Camping en El Palmar:  Students will travel down the coast after their cultural week in Cadiz to the unspoiled countryside. There are sand dunes, pine groves and crystal clear waters. This is the ideal place for surfing and taking part in a service learning project. Students will stay in Bungalows on the beach and learn how to work together cooking, living and being in a Spanish community. There are endless beaches of fine white sand and in the afternoons it is common to see a local riding on his Andalusian horse on the beach.  

Service Learning project: Students will have the opportunity to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills as they take part in a service learning project. Students will enhance skills especially in the areas of communication, collaboration, and leadership in these projects. The project will either be in historic Cadiz or in the beach town of El Palmar.


Flamenco, music and dance:  Students will have the opportunity to experience hands-on learning from flamenco to satirical “chirigota” tunes and drumming. Andalucía has always been a very musical land! This is a place of music and dancing! We will watch the amazing guitar strings being played with the snapping of fingers and clicking castanets!  Experience the stamping of feet and the crowd yelling “ole, ole”, all of which mold together to create this wonderful culture we know as flamenco.mvc0700780013kitesurfcadizh

Beach excursions: Cadiz is full of sandy beaches and beautiful spots not to be missed. Students will spend many afternoons exploring the city beaches as well as a day at Bolonia. We will visit the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia. The beaches of Andalucia are filled with brilliant mixes of local color. Students and families will have an evening together on the beach that was featured in the James Bond movie Die Another Day, starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry.
Food Education

Spanish food and a cooking class:  Spaniards love to cook and they love their food! The food of Spain is packed with flavor and character. Students will learn about the local dishes, from tasty tapas to superb seafood and traditional roasts. Students will have the opportunity to purchase ingredients (in Spanish) at the local market and as a group learn how to cook a large paella for our fiesta!


Living with a host family: This is the best way to really understand more about the culture and learn Spanish! By being immersed in the culture each student will gain a new perspective of themselves and the world with empathy and compassion. Gogi Abroad and K2 have been working with these host families for over 10 years and the host families welcome everyone with open arms!


Gogi Abroad was founded by Liz Jackson, an experienced, passionate educator who has been teaching adolescents and leading international trips for over 10+ years. Gogi Abroad is a small, dynamic organization with seasoned, enthusiastic leaders, who get to know each student and work closely with families to ensure a safe, inspiring experience.

Liz Jackson holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Lesley University and brings fifteen years of experience as an educator of both Spanish and Waldorf curriculum. She is a seasoned trip leader and an avid traveler. Her passion for travel and experiential learning is rooted in her own transformative experiences studying abroad as a teenager. She loves witnessing her students’ growing awareness of the the world as they travel together, and she brings both the compassion of a mother and the clarity and knowledge of an educator.

“It started at the age of sixteen with a school trip to Cadiz, Spain with family friend and Spanish teacher Liz Jackson. That trip changed my life. It took hold of me and has been the driving force in my life for the past 8 years. The “it”, is commonly referred to as the “travel bug” but those words are too light, they do not carry with them the desire that first trip has instilled in me to see more and more. Sickness or disease would be more apt to describe the way it grasped me. Those words though, leave a sour taste in one’s mouth, the negative connotation is all wrong. My longing to travel, see the world, know its people and experience its cultures has only brought upon me optimism. It has expanded me, helped me to see the good in the world and appreciate where I came from. Since then my life has evolved around the next trip, the next adventure. Always craving more. My name is Sam Stickney, I’m 24 years old and I love this life. Everything about it. Since my first trip to Spain, I have traveled whenever possible without breaking entirely off societies beaten path.” -From Sam’s blog 13 years ago!