Our Programs

What makes GOGI unique?

There are many outfits out there in the world that teach through travel. Each company has an individual character to them. Going Outward to encounter a new environment and country takes strength and courage. Our programs are designed to give students the opportunity to explore and see a new culture, hear a new language, explore new foods, hike new mountains with self-awareness, trust and compassion.

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We stay with communities that we have strong ties with, giving students a safe and comfortable environment to explore and open their eyes and heart to new experiences. Providing space and time to connect and work with an indigenous community creates a connectivity and, in return, a whole new perspective on life and the world. This is where the students begin to grow internally and appreciate the world around them.

10168191_279901842172517_2108249646_nGogi is personable and our programs bring gentleness, empathy, and self-awareness through spiritual connections with international communities we visit, as well to our connections with students. There is energetic nourishment with Gogi leaders in their particular roles, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and understanding empathy, connection, and kindness for each other and themselves.

We request students strive for clarity, empathy, understanding and kindness- these are hallmarks of Gogi Abroad programs.

 Gogi Abroad offers a diverse range of travel opportunities for middle and high school students as well as adults.  We take pride in careful, thorough preparation, informed by our experience with and our knowledge of adolescents.  Most trips are 10-15 days in duration, and include a variety of activities–from Spanish language classes, learning to surf on the beaches of Cadiz, Spain, cooking authentic paella with host families, or hiking ancient trails anP1050785d making indigenous crafts in Peru or Ecuador.  In the midst of all these new experiences,  students also have time to reflect and simply take in the beauty of each day. Trip leaders are chosen for their experience with international travel as well as their ability to connect with adolescents. They enjoy getting to know each student, and the bonds that each group develop are powerful.




I was really nervous about sending [my daughter] to Spain with Gogi Abroad, because she’s never even been to a sleepover camp . . . However, I knew she’d be in great hands with Liz. Gogi Abroad leaders care deeply about each of the kids, and Rachel felt so comfortable with Liz. I’m so glad I let her go, because she had a life-changing experience!”   ~Karen Shapiro, parent


 We cannot say enough about Liz Jackson and the amazing trip she led to Cadiz!Abby had the experience of a lifetime!” ~Wendy Brannan, parent

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