GO-GI Stands for Go Outward, Grow Inward


We believe in the transformative power of experiential learning. Traveling to places that challenge one’s outlook is a crucial step in a young person’s spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth. Gogi trips expose travelers to the language, culture, and people of a new community, expanding students’ ideas about how to live and how to be a global citizen. We request students strive for  empathy, understanding and kindness. These are hallmarks of Gogi Abroad programs.


The name GOGI Abroad (Go Outward, Grow Inward) comes from Jackson’s own study abroad experience. Gogi Arroyo, a woman from Madrid, took Jackson under her wing on her first trip to Spain as a teenager, a trip that changed her life, inspiring her to become a lifelong student of the world, its people and their cultures. Gogi embodies the experience a study abroad student could ask for and more. Gogi is an elder, a sage. She is a teacher, a friend and most importantly, she is family. She lives the culture aIMG_1126nd has inspired how Jackson sculpts her programs to give the students the same opportunity to cultivate rich and unforgettable life experiences.


Our programs bring gentleness, empathy, and self-awareness through spiritual connections with international communities we visit, as well to our connections with students. There is energetic nourishment with Gogi leaders in their particular roles, which fosters an environment conducive to learning and understanding empathy, connection, and kindness for each other and themselves.  We request students strive for clarity, empathy, understanding and kindness. These are hallmarks of Gogi Abroad programs.


It started at the age of sixteen with a school trip to Cadiz, Spain with family friend and Spanish teacher, Liz Jackson. That trip changed my life. It took hold of me and has been the driving force in my life for the past 8 years. My longing to travel, see the world, know its people and experience its cultures has only brought upon me optimism. It has expanded me, helped me to see the good in the world and appreciate where I came from.”    ~Sam Stickney, student traveler


“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”  Chief Seattle


The leaders of our trip to Peru was incredible. The Gogi guides knowledge of South American culture history and geography were rich, deep and yet broad enough to capture each of the young travelers interests. Liz and Marcela’s ability to relate positively to the students during all aspects of this travel experience made this the most amazing service learning adventure/trip of my educational career. — Steven Lorenz, School Liaison, Oak Meadow Independent Learning