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Student Trip  to Peru Will Serve Others

ogi Abroad o ers exciting service-based learning opportunities for high school students and is heading to Peru in May 2015, teaming up with Oak Meadow to o er this opportunity to students. Homeschoolers and traditionally schooled students are welcome to participate in this opportunity.

Oak Meadow in Brattleboro provides progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum and distance-learning support for kindergarten through grade 12.

Students will be immersed in a small town in the foothills of the Andes, just outside the colonial city of Cusco. Participants will work in a Waldorf-inspired school high in the Andes. Oak Meadow enrolled students will earn community service credit for this experience.

Students will make real connections as they work with warm and welcoming Peruvians to undertake an important service-learning project. The group will build adobes to create a future kindergarten classroom, and will also have the opportunity to learn crafts in the Inca style.

This experience immerses high school students in the Spanish language, connects them with a local Peruvian community and teaches them the history of ancient cultures. Students finish the program by exploring the Sacred Valley, including Machu Picchu. No prior knowledge of Spanish is required.

“A service-learning based program abroad will change the way you see the world, yourself and others. You will see the world through a new cultural lens. The beauty of a trip like this is that as you change and expand your view of the world, you are simultaneously changing someone’s life for the better. Students that come back from volunteering abroad are inspired and empowered!” said Liz Jackson, founder of Gogi Abroad.

“When I heard Liz Jackson was running a trip, I didn’t think twice. What a gift! Through Gogi Abroad, I was able to o er my daughter the opportunity to explore what the world looks like from different vantage points. The world is bigger than Vermont, or the U.S. or any single place on the planet. It is much easier to understand di erent perspectives, when you have lived some of them yourself,” said parent Eve Leons, The upcoming trip will take place April 26 through May 2. “Exploring Peru,” a free informational presentation about Gogi Abroad will be held Monday, Feb.

2, at 5:30 p.m. at Oak Meadow, on the second floor of Brooks House, 132 Main St.

Jackson will present insights and information about her unforgettable experiences in Peru.

Complimentary traditional Peruvian hot chocolate will be served during an inspiring video about this small community. All interested families can take a peek into the experiences of those who have made the trip. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the community and to find out more about Gogi Abroad.

For more information or to RSVP for the presentation, contact Jackson at . Visit online learning/.