Leyeyo Kipamba

 Leyeyo Kipamba, Leader of Tanzania

tanzania-2016-196-quick-e-mail-viewLeyeyo is a Maasai, born in Longido Tanzania where he lived for the first eight years of his life.  After two years of paperwork he moved to Vermont with two Americans who had been volunteering in his village.  Of course, this was a big culture shock for him since the village had no runn ing water, no electricity, and very few opportunities for school.

However, Leyeyo learned English quickly, attended The Grammar School and Vermont Academy, and played a lot of soccer.  He also climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro last summer. Leyeyo currently attends Merrimack College where he is studying business with the idea of getting into the world of cultural tourism and continuing to help his village.  He has returned to Africa almost every year where, in 2013, he and several American friends built a new house for his mother.  He is still fluent in Kiswahili.  He is very close totanzania-13-412-quick-e-mail-view his Tanzanian friends and family and keeping them safe and healthy is important to him.  Along with his mentor Steven Kiruswa, who is starting a school in the village, he is excited to be able to share his culture, his knowledge and his home with Gogi Abroad!longido-15-005-quick-e-mail-view